PCB Form Updates - CP21, CP22, CP22A and CP22B (version Amendment 1/2021)


FORM CP22 - Notification of New Employee - Please download at:

FORM CP 22A - Tax Clearance Form for Cessation of Employment of Private Sector Employees - Please download at:

FORM CP 22B - Tax Clearance Form for Cessation of Employment of Public Sector Employees - Please download at:

FORM CP21Notification by Employer of Departure from the Country of an Employee - Please downloaded at:

Updates on Beneficial Ownership - 06.01.2021


FAQ on Beneficial Ownership Reporting Framework of Legal Persons as at 06.01.2021:



PCB Forms Updates - Employers

FORM PCB/TP 1: - Form regarding Claim of Deduction and Rebate by Individual

Please downloaded at:


FORM PCB/TP 3: Form of Information Related to Employment with Previous Employer

 Please downloaded at:



Income Tax Deduction on Cost of Renovation and Refurbishment of Business Premise

Hooray!! Income tax DEDUCTION on cost of renovation and refurbishment of BUSINESS premise is finally gazetted.
Please have a look which types of renovation can be deducted and which are still not allowable.